Paragon's Asset Protection and Deferred Variable Annuity

Paragon International Insurance Ltd. has designed a single-premium variable life insurance annuity that is a very powerful asset protection and tax-planning tool. In essence it is an annuity contract that can be customized to a person's individual needs. This allows the holder a virtually unlimited choice of private investment funds and managers and still qualifies for the favorable tax deferral accorded annuities under the United States Internal Revenue Code. These annuities are available only to persons who are "accredited investors" as that term is defined in the Rules and Regulations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. They are intended only for substantial investors who are U.S. taxpayers and who desire to protect their assets and to accumulate capital on a tax-deferred basis for retirement or other long-term purposes.

The assets that the policyholder uses to purchase the annuity are placed in a segregated account established by Paragon International Insurance Ltd. The policyholder appoints an independent investment manager. The policyholder can at any time change the investment manager. This allows maximum flexibility since the policyholder, in consultation with his personal investment manager, can determine the type of investment he wishes the annuity to invest in through the separate investment account (e.g. precious metals, stocks, bonds, collectibles, real estate, a business, etc.) Within certain parameters, funds may even be loaned back to the policyholder or his business.

The return on the annuity is determined by the performance of the assets in the separate account, and not by the performance of the insurance company. Since the management of the account is under the direct control of the policyholder and his manager, the policyholder reaps the benefits and bears the risks of the performance of the variable annuity account and there is no limit or guarantee as to his rate of return.

Under the annuity contract between the policyholder and Paragon International Insurance Ltd., the assets in the segregated account are held altogether separate from the other assets of Paragon. They are subject only to the claims of the policyholder and not to any other liability of Paragon's, even in the event of the company's bankruptcy or insolvency.

Paragon's Asset Protection and Tax-Deferred Variable Annuity provides the investor with several advantages.

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