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Paragon's Asset Protection and Deferred Variable AnnuityParagon International Insurance Ltd. has designed a single-premium variable life insurance annuity that is a very powerful asset protection and income planning tool. In essence it is an annuity contract that can be customized to a person's individual needs.

Asset Protection

The Paragon Asset Protection and Deferred Variable Annuity Plan utilizes two strategies to protect exposed assets from the claims of creditors and other prospective litigants - exchange of assets and encumbrance of assets.

Income and Capital Gains Deferred Advantages

The Paragon Asset Protection and Deferred Variable Annuity gives the policyholder the ability to carry out a self-directed investment strategy on a tax-advantaged basis with far more investment options than are currently available with conventional variable annuities in the United States.

Estate Planning Advantages

In a properly structured arrangement, an offshore irrevocable insurance trust may be established to be both the owner of the annuity and its beneficiary. Upon the death of the annuitant, the annuity is extinguished and the assets can then flow to the beneficiaries without probate and entirely free of estate taxes.

Other Advantages

Assets, whether highly appreciated or otherwise, can, in a properly structured transfer, be exchanged for the annuity without attracting most of the regular state charges normally imposed on the transfer of appreciated assets.

Financial Privacy

Paragon International Insurance Ltd. is domiciled in a non-U.S. jurisdiction. This jurisdiction has statutory privacy laws concerning trusts, insurance and banking. It is unlawful for the company to divulge information regarding a person's activities to third parties without an order of the Belize court or that person's permission.

The Security of Insurance Coverage

An annuity is an insurance product. The Paragon Asset Protection Annuity has particular insurance provisions that make it quite attractive.

Questions about using Asset Exchange

Here is a list of questions and answers corresponding asset exchange.

Fees and costs

The costs of establishing an annuity is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.