Here are some links with good information about Belize, the offshore industry, and other relevant information.

Offshore Industry

Heritage International BankHeritage International Bank of Belize - Heritage International Bank of Belize Limited is a licensed financial institution in Belize that can conduct banking business (either personal or corporate) in US Dollars for non-residents of Belize. This includes Belizeans residing abroad.


Cititrust International Inc -  Is an international financial services provider working in the emergent International Financial Services jurisdiction of Belize for the past decade. 

Being the premier provider in International Financial Services in Belize.


The Belize Government Website - The official Government of Belize Website. This site will provide up-to-date information on government policies, programmes and personnel in addition to an overview of our history, geography and culture. 

The site will also provide official government responses and commentaries on current issues and local and international news reports about Belize. - This website contains a broad range of legal information such as the Laws of Belize and general information on the operations and history of the Supreme Court and the Judiciary. Related news briefs and press releases .